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speculative system design / engineering futures research

oct 2019 - march 2020
+ S. Hussain // E. Cope // J. Cotler // T. Knaze 

︎︎︎ Dyson Open House 2020

Speculative design intervention predicted to be implemented in 2030. An online news aggregate constructed using distributed ledger technology and sensitive UX systems. Used to regulate fake news, echo chambers and seek other viewpoints and promote autonomous decision making for users.

the brief 

To investigate the future of democracy and its underlying systems within politics, news and social media in 2030 and explore solutions for a speculative design intervention.

the process

Our team researched how emerging technologies such as 5G, integrated augmented reality, emotion recognition and deepfakes would impact inherently democratic systems in 10 years time.

The aims of the design intervention were to regulate fake news so people are aware of which information can be authenticated, encourage people to seek out other viewpoints and understand them, without necessarily accepting them as their own and empower people to make autonomous decisions in a climate of increasingly targeted information streams.

system overview


system design and research / video design, production & edit / interactive AR filters

(special thank you to Dr Sam Cooper, Dr Freddie Page for their mentorship and Dr Robert Shorten and his PhD students for the invaluble guidance and collaboration)

︎︎︎ see final report